Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weekly Photos

We didn't do much this week. Here are some pictures from this week. Here is a picture of Ellie on Monday. She was to darn cute.
Here Madelyn was playing with the bubble machine.
Here is Memaw's little monkey.
Here Madelyn put Memaw's shoes on and said they were hers now because they matched her outfit.
Here is the girls on Tuesday.
Here Memaw tried to get a selfie.
On Wednesday Bailey the dog climb in his crate and Madelyn wanted a picture with him.
Here is a selfie with Madelyn outside. We had been outside this week a lot because it has been beautiful out. It has been in the 80's near 90 all week and no humidity.
Here Madelyn had picked one of Memaw's flower off the Azelia bush. She was putting it in her hair and said her name is Azelia now.
After Memaw and Papaw ate dinner we went up to see Dawn's garden and her bathroom floor that they done. The girls were excited to see us. They wanted Memaw to push them on the swing to make them go fast.
Then they got their bikes out.
Here were the girls this morning.
Here was Madelyn playing in the playhouse.