Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Pictures

Here are some pictures Memaw took this week. Not much going on. Here Madelyn is playing Barbies on Monday.
When Uncle Nick came home she sat outside with him  and the dog. Ellie was at Karate.
A little later Kyle Memaw's neighbor brought over a bag of goodies for Ellie and Madelyn. He had a Glow Easter Egg hunt over the weekend that the girls didn't get to go to. He had made them a bag in case them came.
On Tuesday Madelyn wanted to show Memaw her purple outfit.
Here the girls are on Wednesday.
When Papaw got home Madelyn helped Papaw cover Uncle Nick's car before the storms.
After dinner Madelyn played with the Lallaloopy.
On Thursday it was storming a little and the dog gets scared. Madelyn told him to come lay by her she will protect him.