Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Blessings

This years Easter was totally different. This year Memaw did all of the cooking. Usually we all go over to Granny's to eat with all of the family. Today Granny had to work. Memaw made dinner for her kids and grandkids. Dawn and Bob along with the girls came over. Shannon didn't show but we did go get Tyler to come up. Here are the girls baskets. Memaw got them 4 books, bubble blower, Frozen plate, cup, bowl, along with their favorite candy.
Here the girls are in their cute little outfits.
Here they are with their baskets.
Here the girls are with Memaw and Tyler.
Here they are playing with their bubble blower.
Here the girls are with their mom.
Here the girls are with Memaw getting her to read books to them.