Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break- Rainy Day

Here are the girls when they got up. They weren't as eager today as they were on Tuesday Madelyn other school day. They went back to the couch to lay down.
After we took Madelyn to school Ellie came home to play Princess Pets. She loves when she gets to play by herself without Madelyn.
After we got home from picking up Madelyn they ate. Then Madelyn went through her Easter Eggs she got from the hunt at school.
Here are some pictures form her Preschool sight from todays Easter Egg Hunt.
Then they played with the Peoples. They played with those most of the afternoon.
After dinner they got their baths.
They didn't do a lot tonight. They were tired because of no naps. They laid around watching tv and eating a snack. Madelyn wanted to read this little book they made at school to Memaw.
Here she picked out her bedtime story. Memaw reads with Ellie a Chapter of her Bible each night.
Here Ellie is looking at her Library Book before we went to bed.