Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break- Movie Day & Easter Egg Hunt

Today Maddie popped up out of bed around 8 in a good mood. Then both girls was up.
Here Ellie is playing tug-a-war with the dog.
Here the girls were ready to go to see the movie Home. Maddie kept calling it Oh. I didn't realize why till I watched the movie and one of the alien thing was called Oh.
Here they wanted a picture with the sign.
They both had to play a game in which they didn't win.

Here they are snacking and waiting for the movie.
When we got home a little later the movie that Memaw ordered for them came in. Ellie had watched the Parent Trap on tv and liked it. They watched it again and loved it.
Mom called and told Memaw about the Easter egg hunt up at the Assisted Living place. When we first got there they had snacks. They wanted a snow cone.
Madelyn's age went first.
She ended up with 18.
Then it was Ellie's age.
She ended up with 12.
When we got home Papaw had dinner ready. After we ate they went out to play.
Then they cleaned up and got pajamas on. They played babies and watched SpongeBob till bed time.
Then Memaw read them a bedtime stories on Madelyn request. Memaw and Ellie read Ellie's devotion before bed too.