Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Madelyn and Snowflake Elf

Today is Madelyn's 5th Birthday. Memaw thought she would give Madelyn something to open on her Birthday since she is not celebrating it till this weekend. Here she is opening her gift a Barbie.
Here she is with the cupcakes Memaw picked up for her.
Here she is with Memaw.
Then Memaw read them the Elf on the Shelf book that we forgot on Thanksgiving to read. They then told the Elf- Snowflake what they wanted.
Here is where she landed first.
Madelyn had to decorate a paper tree for school.
Then she decided she wanted garland on it. We glued macaroni on it.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Night Tradition

Last night the girls spent the night. Mom and Dad always goes shopping for Black Friday and the girls always spends the night with Memaw and Papaw. Time they got here they were tired. They got heir PJ's on and played a little and watch a little tv before going to bed around 9. First they still had to check out the ornaments and play with them a bit.
Here Madelyn is playing with her babies.
Ellie woke up around 7 before Memaw went to work and Madelyn got up right before Memaw left around 7:20 this morning. Memaw don't have any pictures of today because Papaw watched them and didn't take any before Mom and Dad came to get them.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blessed Thanksgiving

This year we were blessed to still have Granny. Here is the girls with her. This year everyone brought something. Memaw made the Turkey, green beans, broccoli casserole, dressing balls, gravy and tea along with the plates, cups and utensils. We decides to go paper so it would be less stress for Granny. Memaw didn't mean to make so much but it kind of feel in her lap when granny couldn't make it at the last minute. All seem to enjoy the food everyone brought and ate plenty.
Here they are with Memaw.
Here the girls are with Tyler and Aunt Shannon.
Here mom jump in the picture.
Here Memaw was with all 3 grand kids.
Here the girls are with their mom.
Here they are with their Uncle Nick.
Here is Granny with the newest addition to the family Caroline, Matt and Katie's baby.
A little after dinner we left because Granny was wanting to lay down.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

Today Tyler came over to help Memaw put up the tree and inside decorations. The girls wanted to come over too to help.

Then Madelyn wanted to see my musical house.
Then Memaw got the kids together for a picture.
The finished tree.
Here the girls was playing with the sled, reindeers and Santas.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Madelyn's Cooked Turkey

Today Madelyn brought home a paper that showed how she thought a Turkey cooked. First she said "clean the turkey with water". Next "cook it in the oven for 6 minutes". Then "take it out of the oven, leave it out to cool off." Last "then we eat". Ok, I know I don't want any turkey that she cooks. That was too cute the way she thinks it cooks.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Madelyn's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Madelyn's preschool Thanksgiving Feast. She was dressed so cute.
When Memaw got to her school they had her place mat that she had made out on the table.
Here is the cute picture she had on it.
Daddy came also like he did for the other feasts. Here he is with Madelyn.
Here is Memaw with her.
Here she is with her friend Cescily.
When we got home she wanted to see Memaw's manger scene with Baby Jesus.
On the way home from school she talked Memaw in getting this from the Dollar Store.
She sat down and painted and colored a few pages.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sleepover, Angels Gifts, Christmas Decorations

Yesterday after Ellie got out of school Memaw went to pick her and Madelyn up to spend the night. Dad had a few things to do. We first went shopping for 3 Angels from our church we chose. The girls help us pick out clothes, coats, Pj's and shoes for them. Then we went to eat.
Then we got them home and cleaned them up for bed.
Here they are when they got up to eat.
When they got done and dressed they helped Papaw wrap the Angel's gifts. We had a 8,6, and 2 year old.
Then Papaw and Uncle Nick started to put out the Christmas Decorations outside. Maddie went out for awhile with them but Ellie didn't.
After awhile they came in and ate lunch then Dad came to get the girls around 1.