Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Tonight the girls came by Memaw's and Papaw's trick or treating. Memaw had gotten a picture of the girls the other night of them in their costume. It is a good thing because they were rough looking time they came to our house. Madelyn was Mal and Ellie was Evie from the Descendants.
Memaw bought them each a Frozen Lego castle set that they have been wanting for Halloween. Memaw figured they would get enough candy other places. They were so excited to get them.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Ellie's 2nd Grade Fall Party and Halloween Week

Today Ellie had her Fall Party at school. Mom was suppose to go but she couldn't get away at the last minute so Memaw took her place. Ellie was surprise to see Memaw.
First up they decorated a pumpkin.
Then she did pin the boo on the ghost.
Then they decorated a pumpkin on a stick.
Then they she played Halloween Bingo.
Then they got their snacks to eat.
Here is the goody bag that her mom made up for the kids.
She told me that she had a great time today. Always glad to be a part of her fun. The pictures below is of the girls wearing their different outfits of Halloween each day. On Monday this is what they wore.
Here is Tuesday outfits. Madelyn was a fire girl today too.
Here are the ones on Wednesday.
Here are the girls outfits for Thursday.
Here is Ellie's today. Memaw didn't get Madelyn's.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Madelyn's Preschool Halloween Party

Today Madelyn had her Halloween Party at Preschool today. Memaw went and helped at it. When Memaw got there they were in the gym. She wore the costume of Mal from the Descendants.
While we were waiting in the hallway Madelyn got a picture with her friend Cescily.
Then we all went to her classroom. All the parents and grandparents broke up into the station. Memaw was at the bracelet station. Here Madelyn is with Cescily again before they started.
Madelyn started out at the pumpkin play-doe station.
Then she went to the bingo station.
Then Memaw got a picture with her.
Then she went to make a pumpkin photo frame.
Then she went to my table the bracelet one.
Then she went to the pumpkin puzzle one.
Then she went to make a ghost with tootsie roll pops. Here she is trying to make rings on the spider legs.
Then she had to toss balls in buckets. Then she went to her last station which was her favorite icing a cookie and eating it.
Here they are at the end singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Get Well Card, Hat Day, Karate

Today the girls came over before school and wanted to make a card for Luke Hammond who had a concussion.
Madelyn had Hat day at school. She wore her sister's puppy hat.
Today Memaw had to pick Ellie up from school to take her to Karate. Mom had a teachers meeting till 6. Here she is at Karate.
Madelyn gets bored waiting on Ellie. You just have to keep her occupied.
When Ellie got done we went to Chick-Fil-La to eat. When we got done Mom called and said she was done and heading back in town. We met her there.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Back After Fall Break

Today the girls started back to school after a 2 week Fall Break. Memaw didn't see them a whole lot because they were on vacation for one of those weeks. They were tired when they got here.
After Madelyn came home from school she ate and shortly later she was ready for a nap. After she got up and played a bit. Papaw picked up Ellie from dance then they came home to eat. Memaw had planned on making something different for dinner but Madelyn seen the new buckets from McDonald's and wanted one. Here they are decorating them.
Then they got cleaned up and finished with them.
When they got done they laid around watching a movie before Mom came to get them around 9:15.