Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Madelyn's last year of Preschool

Here she is before we left home.
Here she is standing my Ellie at school.
Here she is where she hangs her backpack.
Here she is standing by a sign Mrs. Latham made up.
Here she is at her chair matching shapes.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Papaw's Birthday, Birthday Party, Mom And Dad Is Home

Today when Ellie got up she had to make a Birthday Card for a friend's Birthday Party she was going to.
Here Madelyn is when she got up and got ready for church.

They played a bit till we left for church.
Here the girls are with their Papaw. Today is his Birthday.
After church Papaw wanted Tumbleweed. Here are the girls with Memaw and Papaw.
After we got home and was there for a couple of hours then Memaw took the girls to a Birthday Party for their friend Naomi. Here they are with her.
After we left the party we went home and shortly later Mom came to get the girls.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Parade & Indianapolis Children Museum

Today after the girls got up and ate they played till grandma came and picked us up to take us to the Sellersburg Celebrate Parade.
Papaw took a picture of Memaw and the girls before we left.
Here they are at the parade.
When we got home Papaw, Uncle Nick, Memaw and the girls went to the Indianapolis Children Museum. Here they are when we stopped at the Burger King before we left.
Here they are when we got to the Museum.
Here they wanted their picture taken.
Here they were on the Carousel. Memaw couldn't get a good picture of Ellie sitting next to Madelyn.
Here they are in one of the playhouses.
Here Ellie was acting silly.
Here Madelyn was playing with a doll house.
Here Papaw was lifting up Madelyn to see over railing.
Here Memaw told the girls this is what she had to use instead of a computer in the old days. Now Memaw is telling her age. They had so many questions about the typewriter.
Then Memaw sat in a desk like she used to sit in school.
Here Uncle Nick is showing Madelyn a record player after Memaw told her that is how she listened to music when she was younger. Madelyn kept saying was that your radio?
Then Ellie spotted and old teachers desk and wanted to sit it and be a teacher.
Then they wanted to go in the China exhibit. They spotted a small plane that had seats in it and they went to sit in them. They showed a video making it feel like you were riding on it.
Here is the entrance of the building we took on our way out. They had so much fun. They kept thanking Memaw over and over. Memaw had more pictures but only showed some of them.
We stopped at Arby's on the way in.
Then they came home and got cleaned up before they took it easy. Here they are with their Magnetic Barbie Dolls they got from the gift shop.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Special sleepover

Last night the girls came over while Mom and Dad went out of town. Ellie had her bath already and was in her pj's. Memaw got Madelyn ready too. Ellie got to play for about and hour before she had to go to bed to get ready for school today. Here she is playing with the Polly Pockets.
Here Ellie is reading her book before she went to bed. Madelyn was sitting with her.
Here Madelyn was ready for bed too.
They both slept good. Ellie got up first.
Then Memaw got Madelyn up. Memaw had to take her to her other grandma while she worked.
Memaw took Ellie with her to work till it was time to take her to school. After school Memaw picked up Ellie and then went to get Madelyn. Here Ellie wanted a snack after school. They both were excited to be here.
Here was Madelyn.
Then they wanted to walk outside.

When Papaw got home we went to get Pizza. Uncle Nick met us there.
Afterwards Papaw, Memaw and Ellie went to Sam's and Uncle Nick took Madelyn home with him. When Memaw got home they got cleaned up and watched a movie Memaw got them, Big Hero 6.