Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ellie's First Day of 2nd Grade

Here is Ellie before she went to school today for her first day of 2nd Grade. Her outfit looked so cute on her.
Here is Madelyn playing Princess with Memaw.
Here she is playing Dora. She had so much fun playing because she got to play with it all without splitting it with Ellie.
She played hard today that she laid down and fell asleep.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fun Before The Grind

Memaw asked Papaw to take off today to do something with the girls since Ellie was going back to school tomorrow. We wanted to do something fun with them. We first thought the zoo. When we got up this morning and they were talking pop up rain today we decided not too. Memaw is glad we didn't because it was so hot outside today. We decided to go to the Bat Factory first. Papaw hasn't ever gone before. Here they are with Papaw in front of the big bat.
Here they are in a dugout at the Bat Factory.
Here they are showing off their bats that they got there during the tour.
Here they are with their All-Star card.
Then we went to the Louisville Science Center. Here Ellie is doing the bubbles.
Here they are putting things in a hole and watching for them to blow out.
Here is Memaw's little builder. She had fun putting in nails.
Here Ellie is trying to be creative.
Here they are in the Kids Zone, playing groceries.
Then we went to Chick-Fil-La for lunch.
Then we went to Krispy Kreme donuts. They were celebrating their grand opening still. They gave the girls hats and balloons. Madelyn was so funny after they did because she said we have been partying all day. Memaw is glad that they enjoyed themselves.
When we got home they we tired and came in and relaxed till Mom came to get them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No It Can't Be Over

First up Memaw took the girls to Charlestown Independent Church one day VBS. Here is the girls before they left.
Here are a few pictures I took off Facebook of the girls.
Yesterday Dawn was in full swing back at school. Ellie goes back on Tuesday. I can't believe the Summer is over. Here the girls are checking out the bag of Polly Pockets Memaw got off of Ebay.
Here Ellie is playing Polly Pockets and Madelyn with the Doc McStuffin.
Later Memaw took Ellie to Karate. Actually Dad ended up meeting Memaw in Sellersburg.
When Memaw got back to the house Madelyn was playing Lalaloopy.
This morning the girls was tired. Madelyn laid down and rest a bit.
Ellie played Polly Pockets.
Then we went to Memaw's Bible Study. Then we went to buy the movie "Home" which came out today. They loved it at the movie so Memaw bought it. We stopped by to get McDonald's and they came home to eat.
Here they are watching "Home".
When Mom got here we went to Ellie's open house. Here is Ellie by her cubbie. Here she comes Second Grader.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Post

On Monday Mom had meetings at school all day. Here is Madelyn looking at her Library book.
Ellie likes playing on Papaw's exercise ball.
Here are the girls playing Polly Pocket in which they played most of the day.
Last night the girls spent to the night. Here they are when they first got there.
After we had ate dinner a little later we took the girls to 62 Twist Ice Cream place.
When they came home they got baths. Here Madelyn is with Uncle Nick's phone singing "Lord I Need You". Mema2 just loves to hear her sing that.
Here Ellie is with the ball again.
Here she is when we were getting ready for bed. She was watching tv.
Here they are when they got up this morning.
After they ate and got dress and played for a bit then their Mom came and we went school shopping. We then ate at McAllisters.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sleepover-Mom And Dad Come Home

Here are the girls when they got up this morning. Today Mom and Dad comes home from Texas. Memaw posted 3 other post before this one talking about the stay at Memaw's house.
Here the girls were looking at Memaw's photo album. Madelyn kept saying can she look at Mom's scrapbooks. I realized she was talking about the photo albums. They kept laughing at some of the pictures and the way some of us looked.
Here we are playing Chutes and Ladders.
After they had looked at the books they went to Memaw's couch to see if we had a middle cup holders on the couch. They had seen Tyler when he was little and seen him sitting on it on a old couch. They found it on my couch now. They had to sit on it too to try it out. We never use it.
 Here they are when we went outside for them to blow bubbles. Ellie was in her sheriff's hat she got from fair last night.
Here they are playing with Lego's Friends before Mom and Dad came at 6.