Monday, June 29, 2015

A Visit From The Girls

Today the girls came over for a few hours while Mom went to the doctors. Here is Ellie reading the Dick and Jane book to Memaw.
Here is Madelyn practicing some sight words getting ready for second year preschool.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Maranda's Baby Shower

First up on Thursday was Mom's last day at IUS teaching for the summer. Memaw won't be having the girls everyday again till school starts up again. Memaw will only have them when ever Mom has something to do. Here are a few pictures from Thursday. The girls played dress up. Ellie in her Barbie Princess outfit, and Madelyn in her princess crown.
Here is also another picture of Madelyn from Thursday. She called Memaw in the kitchen to show me that she can fit in the dogs cage. Bailey was wondering what she was doing in his cage, silly girl.
Today we went to Maranda Pierce's baby shower. Here is a picture of the girls before we left.
Here they are with Maranda.
Here is Ellie with Memaw and a selfie. These are the only picture Memaw took because there was so many people there. She had a nice shower with good food to eat and plenty of gifts to open.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Library Super Hero

First up here is Ellie after falling asleep on Memaw yesterday.
Memaw looked down and Madelyn had fell asleep on my feet.
Memaw couldn't get Madelyn to get up on the couch so I just covered her.
When Memaw had to get up Ellie laid on the couch and slept longer.
Today Memaw took the girls for Story Hour for Madelyn's class and Super Hero for Ellie's. Here they are looking at their books they checked out first.
Here they are getting ready for singing.
Here they are putting a puzzle together to make the Super Hero Batman symbol.
Here they are finished.
Here Ellie is showing me their second prize for reading an arm band.
Ellie had hers in the afternoon. Madelyn stayed home this time with Papaw who was off. They were making a cape today. They had to bring a white old t-shirt in.
Here she is decorating it.
Here is her finished product. She said it was her Barbie Princess Power cape to match her mask last week.
Here Madelyn is when she was outside with Papaw today.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Granny

Memaw making this post because she wanted to remember when they told us about Granny. Last Thursday the 18th they told Granny she had 4 to 6 months left to live. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. She can opt to have the chemo pill which will extend her life a little. They told her it will make her sick so it is up to her to decide if she wants this way of living at the end of her life. What ever she decides we will back her. Memaw realized looking for pictures that Madelyn didn't get much pictures with Granny because she is always afraid too. We love you Granny.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father Day

This evening we went up to Dawn and Bob's house for dinner. Bob had grill some chicken and Dawn had fixed some other food. Memaw brought something along with Grandma. Here is the girls when we got there with Papaw. Memaw didn't get any pictures of Dad and the girls.
Ellie got in the pool when we got there.
Here the girls are with Emily. They were eating some homemade ice cream that Grandma made.
Everything was good as usual. We all had a nice visit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Library Crafts

Today Memaw took the girls for Storyhour for Madelyn and Art Class for Ellie. The girls had a 100 minutes for their reading time so they got their first prize, a crazy straw.
Then we went into Madelyn's class this morning. Here they are making actions with a song.
Then they sat down to do Madelyn's craft. This month is super hero. Ellie was considered a helper. She helped Madelyn first then she helped others.
Then we went to Ellie's this afternoon. She first traced a face mask then cut it out.
Then she decorated it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pool Time And Sleepover

Yesterday when the girls came over Memaw had put ABC Mouse back on the computer. The girls enjoyed playing with it.
Then they wanted to go out front before it got to hot.
Mom had asked if I would keep the girls last night because she was going to be late getting home. Memaw had to go let Chloe out so the girls and Papaw went swimming in their pool. They had a good time.
The girls came home got baths and watched a little tv before falling asleep. They both slept really good. This morning the dog had been in my bed and jumped down around 6:30. I was thinking I hope he didn't bark and wake the girls. He went to Madelyn and she woke up and told him to jump up on the bed. He couldn't get up there so Memaw got him up. I thought for sure she wouldn't go back to sleep but she did and slept till 8. Here she is with Bailey.
When they got up they played so good together. Here they are playing with the baby doll stuff.
Around 3:45 we went to meet their mom for Ellie to go to Karate and dancing class.