Sunday, May 31, 2015

Madelyn's Dance Recital

This was Madelyn's first dance recital. When she got there she was just waking up and wasn't seeing anything about pictures or doing the recital. She wasn't to happy. She woke up good before she had to go on stage and did great. Memaw doesn't have any pictures from the recital itself because you can't take any doing the show. Here are a few pictures before and after the recital.
Here are 2 after the show when she was in the good mood. The first was dark.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Talent Show- Karate Kids

Today Ellie had her talent show at school. Memaw took a picture of her and Luke when they got ready with their Karate outfits on. I didn't know how the picture would turn out during the show. Even though we were in the front row we were so far back. They had all the Kindergarten thru 2nd sitting on the floor in front of us.
Here is the best I could get of them doing Karate on stage.
Here is Ellie afterwards.
They both did good. Here is a couple of pictures of Ellie and Tyler from Monday. Ellie had spent the night on Sunday and here she is playing Legos on Monday.
That afternoon Tyler wanted Memaw to take him shopping. Ellie went too. We went to Steak and Shake for lunch.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Celebration

Today we celebrated the Memorial Day Holiday because Granny had to work on Monday. Here are the girls with Granny. She didn't smile much because she isn't feeling well these days.
Here the girls is with Memaw.
Here Madelyn is with her cousin Tyler. They love their Tyler.
Here is their Cousin Kory who had just graduated this week. They had a cake for him.
Here Ellie is with Katie. She played Hide and Seek with her and Matt and Madelyn.
Here Ellie is with Uncle Nick.
When we left Ellie came to spend the night with Memaw and Papaw. We had to go to Tyler's Birthday celebration at Boom Bozz also. He turns 16 on Tuesday.
When we got home Ellie got a bath and took it easy. She was getting tired.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Mom's Birthday. Memaw had them make something for her. Memaw didn't get to do anything for Mother's Day so I made sure they did for her Birthday. On Monday Memaw got the plaster ready to make her a stepping stone. Here is the first thing they did with the plaster. They put in stones, tiles and made their hand prints in it. Ellie's came out more like a 3D one.
After it dried over night they painted it. They painted the mold of flowers first. They paint their own style. Madelyn had half and Ellie had the other half. Here is Ellie doing her half. She made the flowers two tones.
Madelyn painted her flowers all one color.
Here is the front side finished after Memaw wrote their name on it.
Here they are painting the other side.
Then they made her a card.
When Mom came over to bring the girls this morning they gave her their card.
When she got here after work tonight she ate dinner then the girls gave her their present they made.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Last night the girls spent the night. Memaw picked Ellie up from school and then mom brought Madelyn over when she got done with dancing. After they got cleaned up and in their PJ'S they wanted to look at pictures. Here they are looking at Memaw's wedding pictures.
Then they want to look at their things Memaw has saved for them. They didn't get to finish looking at them the other day.
Then Ellie wanted her nails painted.
Here they are watching tv in Memaw's room before they went to sleep.
They both went to sleep fast and slept good all night. Here they are watching tv till they got awake good this morning.
Here Madelyn is helping Papaw scramble some eggs.
After they ate they played with their Minny Mouse set and the Doc McStuffin set.
A little later they got dress before Mom came to get them.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Madelyn's Last Day of Preschool

Today Madelyn ended her first year of preschool. She kept telling me she was sad because she was going to miss her teacher Mrs Long. Here she is before we left home.
Here she was on her first day of school.

They were going to have outside fun. The parents and grandparents could come around 10:45 for a ice cream party. Memaw got there about 10:20 and seen other kids families there already so Memaw joined in too. Madelyn was trying to hula hoop when Memaw got there.
Here she was on some things in the ground to walk and balance herself on them.
Then she went to a magnetic fishing thing.
Then she went to a book reading section. While she was there mom came and she had mom read to her. She was excited to see mom.
Here she is with Mom & Memaw.
Here she is with a freezer pop. She couldn't wait to get this even though she was going to have ice cream later.
Here she is when they went in at her desk for the last time.
Here she is enjoying her ice cream with M&M'S and sprinkles on vanilla ice cream.
Here they tried to get a last class picture.
Here she is with her teacher Mrs Long before we left. She has had a great year with this teacher and  her helper Mrs Kayla. Memaw can't believe this year is over for her.
Here are the girls this morning looking thru their box that Memaw have saved some of their things from church, school and from her house.