Friday, April 24, 2015

Spirit Week & Weekly Photos

This week was Spirit Week for Ellie. Monday was Favorite team. She told me she didn't have any Indiana or Colts shirts that still fit.
Tuesday was crazy hair day!
On Wednesday it was PJ's day.
On Thursday it was Mix-Match Day.
On Friday was hat day. Memaw didn't see her today. Here are some pictures of Madelyn from this week. On Tuesday here she is with the little boy from across the street Zane. He is the same age as she is.
Here Madelyn is in her tent with Bailey.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Charlotte's Web

Tonight Memaw, Papaw and Uncle Nick went to see Momma's play Charlotte's Web that Ellie played in. It was a cute little play. Everyone did so good. Ellie was a Gosling, Fair Goer and a Baby Spider. Here she is second from the left as a Gosling.
Here she is as a Fair Goer.
Here she is as a Baby Spider.
Here they were taking their bows.
Here is Memaw's Baby Spider.
Here she is with Charlotte.
Then after she changed clothes she wanted a picture with Anna Gregory and her best friend Emily.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Post

There wasn't a lot going on this week. Memaw kept the girls late every night because Dad was out of town and Mom and Ellie was at Play, Charlotte's Web rehearsal. Here on Tuesday Madelyn wanted Memaw to take a picture of her shirt.
On Wednesday Memaw took Ellie to Karate after she got done with her play practice. She was so proud when she got two more stripes so she can test now for her senior green belt. Here she is on Thursday.
While Ellie and mom was at practice on Thursday the neighbor brought over this vacuum, broom set for the girls that they didn't need anymore.
When Ellie got done with her practice tonight at 5:30 Memaw went to get her. Mom stayed till 7. After she came home and ate, her and Madelyn played Barbies.
Today Memaw picked Madelyn up at her grandma's house and took her to her Ballet class. Mom and Ellie was getting ready for their play. Madelyn was asleep when Memaw picked her up and she fell asleep again when we went to ballet.
When she got done we went to meet Papaw at Pizza King. Uncle Nick went with us.
When we got home a little later Madelyn got her pj's on. Here she is on Memaw's bed getting ready to jump on the bed because she said Papaw let her.

 After the play and after Mom, Dad, and Ellie went to eat they came to get Madelyn tonight.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Pictures

Here are some pictures Memaw took this week. Not much going on. Here Madelyn is playing Barbies on Monday.
When Uncle Nick came home she sat outside with him  and the dog. Ellie was at Karate.
A little later Kyle Memaw's neighbor brought over a bag of goodies for Ellie and Madelyn. He had a Glow Easter Egg hunt over the weekend that the girls didn't get to go to. He had made them a bag in case them came.
On Tuesday Madelyn wanted to show Memaw her purple outfit.
Here the girls are on Wednesday.
When Papaw got home Madelyn helped Papaw cover Uncle Nick's car before the storms.
After dinner Madelyn played with the Lallaloopy.
On Thursday it was storming a little and the dog gets scared. Madelyn told him to come lay by her she will protect him.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Blessings

This years Easter was totally different. This year Memaw did all of the cooking. Usually we all go over to Granny's to eat with all of the family. Today Granny had to work. Memaw made dinner for her kids and grandkids. Dawn and Bob along with the girls came over. Shannon didn't show but we did go get Tyler to come up. Here are the girls baskets. Memaw got them 4 books, bubble blower, Frozen plate, cup, bowl, along with their favorite candy.
Here the girls are in their cute little outfits.
Here they are with their baskets.
Here the girls are with Memaw and Tyler.
Here they are playing with their bubble blower.
Here the girls are with their mom.
Here the girls are with Memaw getting her to read books to them.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break- Mom And Dad Comes Home

Today Memaw worked, so Uncle Nick kept the girls. When Memaw got home they were excited to see me. Here they are.
Here they are making books.
Madelyn had dance tonight so Memaw,Papaw, Uncle Nick and Ellie took her.
Here she is showing us how their Tutu fits. Madelyn got to be the model with the hair bow. Mrs Paula showed everyone how it needed to be.
Then we went to meet Mom and Dad at Pizza King.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break- Rainy Day

Here are the girls when they got up. They weren't as eager today as they were on Tuesday Madelyn other school day. They went back to the couch to lay down.
After we took Madelyn to school Ellie came home to play Princess Pets. She loves when she gets to play by herself without Madelyn.
After we got home from picking up Madelyn they ate. Then Madelyn went through her Easter Eggs she got from the hunt at school.
Here are some pictures form her Preschool sight from todays Easter Egg Hunt.
Then they played with the Peoples. They played with those most of the afternoon.
After dinner they got their baths.
They didn't do a lot tonight. They were tired because of no naps. They laid around watching tv and eating a snack. Madelyn wanted to read this little book they made at school to Memaw.
Here she picked out her bedtime story. Memaw reads with Ellie a Chapter of her Bible each night.
Here Ellie is looking at her Library Book before we went to bed.