Thursday, August 17, 2017

Weekly Post

On Monday Maddie was wanting to check Uncle Nick's heart. She was playing Dr's
On Monday Ellie got her new glasses. Here is one of her pairs on Tuesday, when she came over.
When they came over today Memaw liked what Ellie was wearing.
Today Memaw had to pick the girls up from school. Mom had a meeting at IUS. When they got here they were hungry so Memaw went ahead and made them their supper. Then they had to do their homework. Maddie was fine with hers but you can tell Ellie wasn't to thrilled.
She got in a better mood after she got a shower.
Here Maddie was playing Dr's again with her baby.
Mom came around 6:30 to get them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Weekly Post

Not much went on this week. Yesterday Mom picked up the girls from school. When she got done she brought them over to Memaw's house. Memaw watched them and they ate till mom came to get them a little after 5. Maddie started dance yesterday so Memaw got her ready before mom got here to get them.
Here Ellie was just relaxing after she ate.
Today Memaw picked the girls up after school. Mom had to stay after for projector training. Ellie got on her computer after dinner.
Here Maddie was eating mashed potatoes. She loves Memaw's potatoes.
When Papaw sat down Maddie ran over and sat by him. She loves her Papaw. A little later mom came.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekly Post

Here is Maddie just taking it easy on Monday before school.
On Tuesday Memaw signed Ellie's cast before she got it off on Wednesday.

On Wednesday Memaw had to pick up Maddie from school. Mom had to take Ellie to get cast off.
Here is Ellie proud of her arm when she got here.
On Thursday Memaw took Ellie to school because Maddie had a dentist app. Dad took her. He dropped her off at Memaw's for Memaw to get her medicine and something to eat before Memaw took her to school at 11:30. Here she is eating a gogurt.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Yesterday after school the girls came over. Mom and Dad was going out to dinner. Memaw suggested that they spend the night. When Papaw got home we went to eat at Pizza King.
Then they came home and got their PJ'S on.
While Ellie watched tv in the living room and Maddie went to lay in bed to watch tv.
When they got up this morning and ate a little later we went to play put-put. It was so nice outside.
Before we took them home we went to 62 twist to eat lunch. Here is the best part for them the ice cream.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

First Day of school -1st and 4th Grade

Today Maddie and Ellie went back to school. Maddie started a new school this year. Pleasant Ridge for 1st grade. Ellie stayed at Jonathan Jennings for 4th. Memaw took some pictures at home before we left.
Then Memaw took Ellie to school first. Memaw took a few there.
Memaw didn't go into her school today. She said she would be ok. We couldn't be at Maddie's school till 9:15 if you were wanting to go in the gym with them. We waited and took a few pictures till we went in. A teacher offered to take a picture of Memaw and Maddie by the sign.
Here she is standing waiting to go in.
Then she seen her principal standing by the door and got a picture with her, Mrs. Porter.
Then we went in to sit on bleachers where her teacher's name was.
Then Stella her friend sat next to her because she was upset. Maddie started talking to her and she got better.
Their first day went great.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

School Open House

Tonight Ellie and Maddie had Open House at their schools. This is Maddie's first year at Pleasant Ridge for the split. Memaw went with mom and the girls. We went to Ellie's school Jonathan Jennings first. She got Mr. Dietrich same as Tyler had in the 4th grade.
Then we went to Maddie's Pleasant Ridge. She got Mrs. Etheridge.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer Break Over

Yesterday Mom started back to school. The girls goes back on Thursday. Shortly after they came over they ate breakfast.
They they laid around for awhile.
Then they both wanted to watch different movies. Maddie decided to go in the bedroom.
Ellie sat out with Memaw.
Around 3:45 Mom came to get them. Today after they came over and ate breakfast they got ready to go to Memaw's Bible Study.
When Memaw got done Memaw took them to see the movie Despicable Me 3. They loved it. They laugh all through it.
When we got home they waited for the other movie Memaw had ordered. It got here a little later and they watched it. Ellie had been wanting it and it came out today, Boss Baby. They sat and watched it too.
Then it was time to eat dinner. After diner they played around till Mom came around 7. She had open house at school tonight.