Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine

Today when the girls came over Memaw gave them their Valentine gifts. Ellie came over in a bad mood but got happy when Memaw gave them to them.
They had Valentine shirts on.
The other day Memaw got a magnet of Maddie's latest art work.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Ellie's Winter- Valentine Party

Today Ellie had her Valentine party at school. Maddie didn't have one. Here she is when Memaw got there.
Here she is with her Valentine box. It was a unicorn. The horn had fell off.
Here she is with Memaw.
Here she is with her friend Casondra.
Here she is waiting to play a game to see how many candy hearts you can balance. At first she wasn't going to do it. But she ended up doing it and won with 5.
Here she is decorating a heart.
Then she had to throw slimy rubber frogs to stick on heart.
Then they did a paper game with candy.
They they did an ice cream bar.
Before we left she got a picture with Mr Dietrich. She is in a robe because today with Pajamas day too.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Weekly Post

On Monday the girls started Volleyball. They were so cute ready to go.
On Wednesday Mom had female surgery. Memaw picked the girls up after school. They stayed for dinner then Dad took Ellie to dance. Tyler came up to.
While we were waiting for Dad to come, Maddie got a bath. Then she wanted to read Memaw a book. She was so funny. She acted like a teacher and said "now sit down and be quiet or I will not read this."

Friday, January 26, 2018

Weekly Post- JJ School Festival

On Monday Papaw had a Dr. app.,so the girls got to see him when they came over that morning.
On Tuesday Maddie dressed up for 100th day at school.
On Thursday Ellie got her Bizzy Bub and Memaw gave Maddie one too.
Tonight was Ellie's school Festival. Mom had something to do so we took the girls to it. They had so much fun and won lots.
First up was the Blinko. They both won boxes of candy.
Here they were trying to hit toilet paper in a pot.
Here they were playing basketball.
Here they were throwing rings around the soft drink bottles. Ellie won a Sprite.
Here they pulled out suckers to see if they had a certain color on the bottom. Ellie won that too.
Here they are doing the cake walk. They both won that too.
Here Maddie is doing a sand art that I suggested to give to Grandma.
Here Ellie was playing Angry Birds.
Here Maddie was shooting a dart.

When we got done with the festival we went to the Mexican Place in town to eat.
When we got home after bidding on several things we found out that we won the coffee box that Papaw wanted. Well worth the bid.