Sunday, April 23, 2017

Singing In The Rain

This weekend the girls were in their school play "Singing in the Rain". They both did so good. Maddie was a little nervous and didn't know if she would do it. Here are some pictures from the play.
Here they were back stage ready to go on. Ellie doing what she does best posing and Maddie all smiles.
Here Maddie is up on stage.

Here Ellie is on stage.
Here the girls are after the play with some of their friends and cast members. Ellie with Abby.
Ellie and Maddie with Morgan.
Ellie and Maddie with Blair Kaelin.
Ellie and Maddie with Christian.
Maddie with Taylor and McKenna.
Then they got picture with their cousin Mrs. Stettenbenz.
Here they are with Memaw.
They both did so good. Memaw was so very proud of them.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Blessings

Today Dawn, Bob and the girls came for Easter. Tyler came also. When the girls got here Memaw gave them their Easter baskets.

Here Maddie is reading one of her books she got to mom.
Then we decided to do Easter egg hunt before dinner because it was getting ready to rain.
They both ended up with the same amount of eggs.
 Here are the girls with Memaw and Mom.
After we ate the girls read some books. Then they wanted to go out and do some bubbles. It was with edible bubbles.
Before they left Memaw got a picture of their family.
Then the girls with their cousin Tyler.
Another great Easter in the books.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekly Post

This week at school the girls had special days in honor of doing ISEP'S on Friday. On Monday it was wear your favorite team shirt.
On Tuesday was silly hair day. The girls didn't want to do anything to their hair.
On Wednesday was mix match day.
On Thursday was hat day.
Maddie wanted to sit by Papaw with her hat because that was her last day with him in the morning. He starts back to work on Monday.
That night Ellie had guitar lessons and mom ask if we could keep Maddie. When we met them we took her to 62 Twist to eat.
When we came home Papaw had some onions and cabbage to plant. Maddie wanted to help.
After we planted some flowers out front she wanted to water them. Love how she is sticking out her tongue.
Today Ellie came over before school this morning. Memaw went to work and Papaw took her to Copper Kettle to eat a good breakfast. Mom asked him last night if he could take her so she can get a good breakfast before ISEP Tests.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Back To School They Went

Today Dawn and the girls went back to school after an almost 2 weeks Spring Break. 2 days were make-up days. Here is Ellie and Maddie with Papaw. They were excited to see that Papaw was still home. He starts back in 2 weeks to work. They will miss him in the morning.
 Here is the girls with Memaw in the car line waiting.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Morning With The Girls

Memaw and Papaw haven't seen much of the girls in a week. They are on Spring Break last week and this week. Mom had a doctors app this morning so Memaw and Papaw kept the girls. Maddie came over and wanted to sit by Papaw.
Here is Ellie with Memaw.
Then they started playing. Ellie with the Polly Pockets and Maddie with Dora.
Then Papaw wanted to take Dawn and the girls for lunch. The girls decided on Chick-fil-a. We met Mom there around 12.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Post

Yesterday Memaw picked the girls up from school. They were suppose to be starting Spring Break but they had 2 make-up days. Memaw got them dinner then Ellie played on her Chrome Book and Maddie laid around.
Then since it was nice outside they went out till Mom came around 6:30.
Today was the last day before Spring Break started. Memaw got a picture with the girls.